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This note is the second in a series of posts dedicated to functional programming. It highlight how FP is of great help in dealing with parallel programming. It follows that previous post

It is not a secret to anyone that “synchronisation” is your single greatest enemy in parallel programming. So how to cope with it ? Simply avoid updating any value in your program and you’re free to run on your processor at maximum speed i.e. no lock barrier !
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This is the first of a series of posts I intend to share and that address the benefits of FP over OOP.

I spent my WE trying to figure out how to convince IT specialists to shift from OOP to FP.
You can’t simply tell a OO developer that functional programming is about not modifying the state of any object but applying functions to functions.
First nobody sees the value, second, it does not make any sense.

A new paradigm succeed when it brings an added value. This added value is usually clearly in the way you are able to glue subsystems together.

PP took over AP - Ancient Programming :) - because it brought modules / procedures / functions and parameters to better assemble pieces of software

OO took over PP because inheritance and polymorphism significantly improved the way you could reuse and extend software

FP is taking over OO for the same reason. It is providing new glues and these are : Higher Order Functions (HOF) and lazy evaluation
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